Mastercard Reward Solutions

Research has shown that customers enrolled in reward programs consistently use their cards more than those who are not enrolled

The secret to success? Knowing and understanding your customers so you can deliver what they love and expect. Mastercard offers the ingredients to build a perfect partnership.

Experience, technology, innovation

Take advantage of our extensive data analytics, robust loyalty processing platform and a full range of offerings and reward fulfillment expertise. We know how to combine what you need with what your customers want to create a successful loyalty solution.

The Mastercard solution offers:

  • Access to transaction and real-time data
  • A multichannel customer experience
  • Flexible business rules
  • Targeted promotion management
  • Customer servicing
  • Tools for liability management
  • Program design and strategy
  • Global reward sourcing and delivery
  • Points exchanged into other loyalty programs
  • Reward solutions
  • Sweepstakes and instant win games
  • Points redemption through an online travel booking tool
  • Digital marketing — from triggered events to campaigns

The building block for your customer acquisition, growth and retention strategy

We can make it completely seamless.

Point-based rewards are still the most popular of any loyalty program because of the ability to exchange them for virtually any type of reward. Mastercard can offer you end-to-end management, so that your program is simple and effortless for your customers.

1. You set your program's features.

You decide the structure and rewards. We'll make them happen. Regardless of whether it's merchandise, travel gift cards, cash or POS, we can source the products and deliver them for you.

2. We'll help you communicate with your cardholders.

Through customised digital messages, statements, inserts and other communications, we'll get the word out about your program at the right time.

3. We'll score and track all data.

We'll gather, organise and monitor information such as accrual rules, bonus campaigns, customer behavior and ROI metrics. Plus, we'll generate reports on customer usage, points and redemption.

4. We can help your customers receive the right reward.

With our data, we can focus on the right customer segments for you, and through the internet or our call center, we can handle all the steps for engaging your cardholders and rewarding them.

5. We'll take care of your customers.

Our dedicated agents, responsive website and ability to integrate with your systems and mobile apps will assure that your cardholders receive exactly what they need or want.

The deeper the relationship with your customers, the better the rewards - for the both of you.

It's a fact that three in five customers — 60 percent — never switch financial institutions. Now that's loyalty. So how do you reward them?

One proven way is expand the universe of reward-eligible products beyond credit and debit cards. For example, these loyal customers could earn points for virtually any product or service you offer, from checking accounts to auto loans, from IRAs to direct deposit.

Mastercard can help, start to finish

Compared to traditional rewards programs, Enterprise Rewards can be more effective at deepening and broadening customer relationships, expanding product ownership and increasing retention. We're ready to help you design a custom earnings structure to support your goals. Here's an example of how a typical program might work.

A custom program structure example:

Product Earnings
Credit Spend $1 = 2 Points
Debit $1 = 1 Point
Car Loan 15,000 Points
Online Bill Pay 500 Points
ACH 100 Points
Mortgage 50,000 Points
CD 20,000 Points
Profile Registration 1,000 Points
Paperless Statement 500 Points
Credit + 2 Products Annual Bonus = 1,500 Points
Debit + 3 Products Annual Bonus = 2,500 Points
Customer Anniversary 5,000 Points

With a merchant-funded rewards program, everyone wins

Because of interchange regulations in markets like the U.S. and Europe, there's less revenue available to fund successful card loyalty initiatives. One solid solution is to offset costs with merchant-funded rewards and rebates. With the help of Mastercard, it's a win-win for everybody.