Mastercard Pay with Rewards

Now, offer your cardholders access to their rewards for anything, any time, at millions of eligible Mastercard locations worldwide.

Remember when cardholders saved their reward points for special items such as a vacation or a big screen TV? Now they want options to use those same points for everyday items, whenever they desire, with immediate and easy access. That's exactly what the Mastercard Pay with Rewards solution delivers.

Let your cardholders use their points for whatever they want, whenever they want

Mastercard Pay with Rewards is an innovative solution that gives cardholders the freedom to redeem rewards points for purchases at millions of eligible locations worldwide, in store or online. With the option to reimburse either part or all of the purchase, you're enabling real-time engagement with your cardholders, increasing satisfaction and the likelihood of them using your card again.

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The Mastercard Pay with Rewards solution gives you opportunities no other technology can

  • Meet customer demand by providing a differentiated rewards program that is convenient, flexible and offers instant gratification
  • Take advantage of a more cost-effective rewards program by lowering catalog and call center expenses
  • Increase cardholder spend as consumers are more likely to use their card when they are offered the ability to Pay with Rewards; in fact, redeemers spend almost three times more than non-redeemers*
  • Use it with any point earning program and set parameters for points-to-cash conversion rates, even with specific merchants
  • Benefit from a scalable POS solution without impacting the transaction, the merchant or the acquirer

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*Source: Mastercard Rewards System

Our innovative Pay with Rewards solution: good for you, great for your cardholders

It benefits everyone, especially your customers, by allowing them to:

  • Use rewards points to reimburse purchases at millions of participating locations worldwide — online or in person
  • Enjoy an ideal redemption experience with the ultimate in choice and flexibility for how to use rewards points
  • Check point balances and receive real-time alerts via mobile application notification or email, confirming purchases and updated point balances