Mastercard® Loyalty Promotions

Earning customer loyalty takes creativity and flexibility

One size does not fit all. Now more than ever, you need to provide programs that are relevant to unique spending habits of individual customers. Mastercard is ready to help.

Creating the program right for your audience can help you boost profitability

To earn customer loyalty, you must offer rewards relevant to individual cardholder needs that are easy to earn.

At a top level, you'll need:

  • The knowledge to turn information into actionable insights
  • The technical resources to execute the details of a particular promotion
  • The ability to identify merchant locations
  • And, for all of it to happen automatically for your cardholders

We make it simple: You can be up and running in less than a month

At Mastercard, our team of experts is ready to get your market segmented, your results measured and analyzed and have a solution set up and running quickly — in some cases, depending on the program, in under a month.

Our cross-border programs entice the affluent traveler to use your card more often.

By providing the affluent traveler with incentives to use your card when traveling abroad, you can increase your chances at locking in their loyalty. Mastercard can help you launch a customized, scalable cross-border program quickly with little effort on your part.

With our cross-border program, you're provided with start-to-finish services with minimal development on your part, including:

  • Campaign design, targeting and management
  • Reward and rebate functionality
  • Merchant or Merchant Category Code level filtering without any additional processing burden
  • Transaction and real-time data access
  • Flexible business rules

In addition, we offer many different parameters to manage and run your cross-border program, including:

  • All card spend
  • location-specific spend
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Transaction/Spending caps
  • Designated retailers
  • Custom promotion requirements

Remember, too, that because your cross-border solution rides on the Mastercard network, you benefit from a scalable and secure solution that not only drives engagement, but also gives you peace of mind.

Taken seriously, gamification can up the ante for a successful rewards program